March 2, 2019

The Beginning of NCC Audio

Hello Everyone!

I am Nick Chamberlain, the creator of NCC Audio. I am excited to begin this journey of writing for others. This blog will be about all things audio. From careers to gear, and helpful techniques, I hope to enlighten and learn throughout this experience.

I currently reside in San Diego, California with my amazing wife, Martha, our hilarious and beautiful two year old daughter, Camila, and our son in the womb, Dominic.

How did I become an audio engineer?

It all began because of my love for music. My parents blessed me with piano and drum lessons growing up. I stopped piano lessons, but followed through with the drums. (I wish I never stopped piano lessons).

In junior high and high school, I was actively involved with music as a well groomed percussionist, and a wild drummer for multiple rock bands. But it was the rock bands that gave me my first taste in the audio recording industry.

I then went to Texas State University knowing I wanted to pursue music, so I entered into the percussion performance program, but half way through the course, I realized I didn’t want to become a percussionist for a symphony orchestra or a band director.

My percussion instructor suggested I interview for the Sound Recording and Technology program at Texas State, a seemingly daunting and unachievable goal, but I went for it. And to my amazement, I was accepted. Thus my career from percussionist to audio engineer began.

What am I doing now?

Besides being a husband and father, I am the full time audio engineer at a non-profit organization called Catholic Answers. I engineer a daily two hour live call-in international radio show, Catholic Answers Live. I edit and produce all of our podcasts (Catholic Answers Focus, The Counsel of Trent, Clumsy Theosis), commercials, and help maintain

So, why did I start NCC Audio?

Starting this business has allowed me to be involved in all aspects of audio. I am able to expand my knowledge and talents to help others with their audio needs. Whether it’s recording an artist’s heartfelt song, producing a powerful podcast, capturing audio for an inspiring film, or producing a radio spot, I hope my audio services will be a help to anyone who needs a project to sound great.

Do you have questions about my audio services? Please contact me at

Interested in hanging out with Nick in Austin, TX? Reach out here!


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