July 7, 2021

Starting a Podcast Network with Kyle Heimann

In this episode, Nick speaks with Kyle Heimann about starting a podcast Network. Kyle helped launch the Spoke Street Podcast Network in February 2021. With around 30 podcasts in the network, Kyle understands the pros and cons of starting a podcast network. If you are thinking about starting a podcast network or looking for ways to monetize your podcast network, then this episode will be perfect for you!

To learn more about Kyle and to listen to his podcast go to: https://www.kyleheimann.com/



Resources Mentioned:

What to learn more about podcast production?

Learn everything you need to know about...

  • What equipment you'll need to record your podcast
  • How to record your podcast with one ore more guests
  • Which software to use for editing your podcast
  • How to publish your podcast on Apple Podcasts
  • ...and much more!

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