February 18, 2021

Putting Ads in Your Podcast

In this episode, Nick goes over if you should have advertisements in your podcast, and if you should, where should you put them, and how do you add them into your recording? Nick breaks down the reasoning behind having spots and explains how to technically add your commercials to your podcast episode.

If you are interested in having your podcast hosted with NCC Audio, then reach out to Nick by emailing him at Nick@nccaudio.com

Episode Overview

Hello and welcome to another episode of the NCC Audio podcast, the podcast that’s dedicated to helping you to improve your podcast, so you can grow your audience!
In today’s episode we are going to be talking about Ads, should you put them in your podcast, where to put them in your podcast, and how to put them in your podcast!
Let’s get started

Should you put advertisements in your podcast?

1.) Will it benefit your listeners?
2.) Will it benefit you?
3.) Will it disrupt your audience’s listening experience?

Where should you put ads?

1.) Beginning – Pre Roll 15 – 60 seconds
2.) Middle – Mid Roll 60 – 120 seconds
3.) End – Post Roll 15 – 30 seconds
Sponsors will pay the most for Mid Roll. People are less likely to skip in the middle compared to the beginning or end. The next most popular is pre-roll and then post-roll.

How do you put ads in your podcast?

1.) Record them yourself and put them in the podcast during post-production.
2.) Do a live read when you are recording your podcast.
3.) Use a podcast hosting service such as Megaphone.
Megaphone has dynamic ad insertion, so you can record a spot, upload it and then add the spot to any podcast episode, pre-roll, midroll, or post-roll. This is an awesome feature of Megaphone! Additionally, they have their Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM) which is similar to placing ads on a YoutTube video.
If you are interested in starting a podcast and you need a podcast hosting service with this feature…then you are in luck! I am a podcast hosting service provider for Megaphone! So you can email me at nick@nccaudio.com and I can get you set up right away!
So that’s the basics to understanding Ads in podcasts! If you are interested in me doing an episode where we break down the pricing and how much an ad will bring in or cost you then please let me know by emailing me or writing a review on Apple Podcasts.

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