September 10

How to Use a Blue Yeti Microphone


Over the last couple of years I have helped many people set up the Yeti USB microphone for radio and podcasting, and I have discovered most people have the same struggles or issues. This article is a quick overview on how to properly set up and use a Yeti USB Microphone for radio and podcasting.


How to set up the Yeti


Step 1.) Turn off your computer.


Step. 2) Connect Yeti to your computer and connect your headphones to the Yeti.


Step 3.) Turn on your computer


Step 4.) Make sure the Yeti is selected in your computer audio settings for input and output.

  • Mac: Go to System Preferences –> Sound –> Select Input and double click on Yeti –> Select Output and double click on Yeti

  • PC: Go to Sound Settings –> Playback (output) –> Select Yeti and Set as Default –> Recording (input) Select Yeti as Default

Step 5.) Make sure the Yeti is then selected in your program’s audio setting, for example in

Skype, Zoom, Audacity, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, etc.

  • Check your programs preferences and/or settings and there should be way to change your audio settings

Step 6.) Make sure you have the correct polar pattern selected. These options are on the back of the Yeti.

  • For a single voice you will want to choose the cardioid setting. (upside down heart symbol)

  • Refer to the manual for a detailed explanation for the other polar patterns (I will spare you the details in this article)

Step 7.) Adjust Gain and Volume appropriately.

  • The Gain knob is located on the rear of the microphone and it controls the the level of your voice going into the microphone.

  • The Volume knob is located on the front of the microphone and it controls the volume of your headphones.


Best Practices

  • Talk into the front of the Yeti, not the top, and be about 4 fingers away to have the best sounding voice quality.

  • Have a pop filter if you can to reduce the plosives from your P’s, B’s, T’s, K’s etc.

  • Keep power cords away from the microphone and usb cable.


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