January 26, 2021

How to Guarantee People will Listen to Your Podcast

In this episode, Nick and Brandon discuss the questions your need to ask yourself as well as the market research you need to do to guarantee people will listen to your podcast. This is one of the most important steps you need to take to make sure you have a successful podcast!

If you already have an audience from a blog, YouTube channel, or because you are well known because of the products you sell or the services you offer, then starting a podcast will be one of the greatest tools you can use to create and retain high-quality fans. I greatly envy you and the success you will quickly have with podcasting!
However, if you are like most podcasters, you will have to build your audience from scratch. This may seem like a daunting task, but it is very possible! Let’s figure out how.

First things first

It is important that you have a game plan in place with realistic and specific action steps to take, and following these steps will guarantee you will have listeners before you launch your podcast.
This might be one of the most important topics when it comes to starting a podcast. Especially if you have no audience or followers and you really want to make your podcast a success.
So what do you have to do before you start your podcast? Well, you need to do some brainstorming and some market research!

Brainstorming: Questions to Ask Yourself

You must learn everything you can about your ideal audience, and ask yourself these crucial questions before you record your first episode.
Take out your notepad or create a new Google document. However you want to keep track doesn’t matter, but it is important that you write it down!

Let’s get our brain juices flowing with our simple first question.

1.) Will people want to listen?
Yes, no, or I do not know.
If you are not screaming oh hell yeah people will want to listen! Then go back to the drawing board and think about a podcast that your ideal listener will want to listen to.

2.) Who will want to listen?
Spend a decent amount of time thinking about this question.

Picture your ideal listener or listeners and imagine they are sitting down with you at your dinner table and they are there anxiously awaiting to hear what you are about to say. Are they friends? Are they family? Are they your current or potential customers? Are they the top thought leaders in the world? Etc.

This is similar to creating your customer avatar if you are familiar with that technique. Ideally, you will want to picture one person with very specific qualities.

Now picture them and talk to them when you start your podcast. Don’t be rude! Acknowledge them when you are talking and invite them into your conversation.

3.) Why will people want to listen?
Write down a list of 100 different reasons (or try to) on why people will listen to your podcast. List all the ways they will benefit from listening. All the ways they will be able to improve their lives. All the ways they will be able to take action and transform themselves.

Market Research: Learn What Your Listen Wants to Hear

This is probably the most difficult task to do before launching your podcast, but it will be the most beneficial when it comes to knowing whether or not people will listen to your podcast.

1.) Ask friends and family what they think.
Start with your inner circle and get some instant feedback. Do not get defensive or overly positive with their responses. The key here is to start with your inner circle and slowly begin to branch out. You are starting to go public, so it is great to get all the positive and negative feedback that you can receive.
This practice will help you explain and flush out all your ideas on your podcast.

2.) Ask current clients and customers.
If you are starting a podcast to grow your clientele or sell more products then reach out to your current clients and ask them everything they would like to hear. Ask them about their struggles, hopes and dreams, and everything in between. Have some in-depth conversations.

Remember to write everything down!

3.) Go to where your ideal listener is and talk to them.
Does your ideal listener belong to a certain group on Facebook? Do they belong on forums on Reddit? Do they comment on YouTube videos? Do they go to your local coffee shop or bar? Etc.

Actually, go to where your ideal listener is and talk to them. Ask them questions. Engage and interact! You will get a good idea of what they will be wanting to hear.

4.) Search top books in your industry on Amazon.com
I got this idea from Graham Cochrane and I thought it was a neat little market research hack.

Go to Amazon.com and look up the top books in your industry. Look at the titles, subtitles, and chapter titles. This will give you a great idea of what people are wanting to hear. I am pretty sure these authors did their due diligence in market research, and they are the top books, so your ideal listener is reading them!

Also, look at the reviews on those books. You will see what people in the wild are actually saying and wanting. You will learn what they like and don’t like. This is also great for coming up with content ideas.

Go Forth and Take Action

The amazing part about all of this brainstorming and market research is that you can now launch your podcast will full confidence that people will listen! How exciting is that!

Another added benefit from doing all of this research is that you will now have a ton of ideas for content. It’s the gift that keeps giving, but it is wrapped up in hard work, so many people will never unwrap it. But not you, you will put in the work, the fun work, and launch an amazing podcast.

Now get out there and record that podcast and launch it.

Happy Podcasting!

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