February 8, 2021

How to Be a Bad Podcast Host

Do you want to be a bad podcast host?! No? Well, then today is your lucky day! Join Nick as he reveals the most common cringe-worthy moments a podcast host can make, as well as some helpful tips to becoming a better podcast host.

Hello and welcome to another episode of the NCC Audio podcast, the podcast that’s dedicated to helping you improve your podcast, so you can grow your audience! And when you have an audience, anything is possible!
And in today’s episode, we are going to be looking at common mistakes podcast hosts make in podcasting. I am going to try to make them and then correct them. Let’s get started!


Mistake 1: Who are you and why are you talking?

It is important to always introduce yourself somewhere in the introduction because you will have new listeners popping in at random episodes.
Also, have a quick description of what the podcast is about and what you are going to be talking about. It is a simple thing to add and the listener will appreciate it.

Mistake 2: Never getting to the point.

If you are always beating around the bush and taking forever to get to your point or into the content then the listener will get frustrated and move on to another podcast to listen to… get to the content!

Mistake 3: Interrupting your guests and bringing the conversation back to yourself.

You invited someone on your podcast to bring value to your listeners. Allow them to talk and give their point of view. Be genuinely interested and curious about what they are saying and let them talk!

Mistake 4: Not caring about the listener’s time.

The quickest way to lose a listener is to waste their time. Whether you have 10 listeners or 100,000 listeners, people are using their precious time to listen to you, so make sure you provide valuable entertainment and information.

Mistake 5: Inside Jokes??

If you and your guests have private inside jokes, then the listener will feel left out and not find your jokes as funny as you do and will move on to another podcast. But, if you can provide an inside joke with you and your listeners, that you explain, then your listeners will feel like they are more a part of the show. Use inside jokes wisely!

Mistake 6: Asking the same questions.

If you have a different guest on your podcast each episode, but you ask the exact same question every single episode, your podcast will become stale and dry. You brought your guest on to share his or her unique perspective. Let them share their story.

Mistake 7: Not recognizing the listeners.

If you think your listeners are only listening to hear your voice and what you have to say, and that they are only there for you, then you will come across as a cold and uninviting host. It is true though, they are there to listen to you, but be friendly and invite them into your conversation. Listeners want to feel welcomed and a part of your podcast.

Mistake 8: Long and jarring advertisements.

Having long advertisements that do not benefit the listeners, or being too pushy with your sales will be a big turn-off for listeners. Try to make your advertisements short, beneficial, and enjoyable.

Mistake 9: Not having a call to action.

If you are using podcasts as a way to sell your products or services, then make sure you have a call to action to lead the listener to a warm lead. Have the call to action at the beginning, end, or both!

Mistake 10: Not asking people to rate and review or share your podcast.

In order to grow your podcast it is important for your listeners to review and share your podcast, so always remember to ask your listeners to rate, review, and share your podcast! After giving your listeners tons of valuable information for free, then they will feel more than happy to, so do not be afraid to ask!

If you are looking to start a podcast or if you have any questions about podcasting please do not hesitate to reach out, and if you enjoyed this episode of the NCC Audio podcast, you will enjoy How to Guarantee People will Listen to Your Podcast, happy podcasting!

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