April 23, 2021

Best DAWS and Resources for Podcasting

We are live from Austin, TX in this episode of the NCC Audio podcast, and in this week’s episode, Nick lays out his top 6 digital audio workstations for podcasting and shares some important websites for finding music, sound effects, and voice-overs for your podcast.

Additionally, Nick shares his adventure story on how he moved his family from San Diego, CA to Austin, TX. You do not want to miss out on this episode of the NCC Audio podcast. Remember to subscribe, rate, and review!

These are very important when it comes to recording, editing, mixing, and mastering your podcast. A good DAW will decrease your editing time and take the headache out of the post-production process, so you can focus on recording and creating more content!

Best DAWS for Podcasting

  1. Adobe Audition
    • Monthly/Yearly payment plans
    • Easily automate your workflow
    • Has all the plugins you need in the DAW
  2. Reaper
    • 60 Day free trial then only $60
    • Highly customizable workflow
    • High learning curve, but has great training videos
  3. Pro Tools
    • Monthly/Yearly/One-time payment plans
    • Steep learning curve
    • Must buy third party plugins to check loudness and for noise reduction tools
  4. Logic Pro
    • $200
    • Only for mac
  5. GarageBand
    • Free with mac
    • Limited tools and work automation
  6. Audacity
    • Free with mac and pc
    • Simple program but will get the job done

Websites for Music, Sound Effects, and Voice Overs

  1. Epidemicsound.com
    • Music and sound effect
    • Monthly unlimited downloads
  2. StoryBlocks.com
    • Music and sound effect
    • Monthly plans
  3. AudioJungle.net
    • Music and sound effects
    • Monthly plans or purchase individually
  4. PremiumBeat.com
    • Music only
    • Monthly plans (up to 5 songs)
    • Purchase Individually
  5. FreeSound.org
    • Huge library of sounds where people upload and share their sound effects
    • Lots of low-quality sounds, but you can get some great stuff for free.
  6. VoiceJungle.com
    • Is a great place to get an affordable professional voice-over. It is easy and I would highly recommend using it.

Additional Resources

Make Noise by Eric Nuzum is a great resource on how to start a podcast from scratch. It goes over discovering what your podcast is really about, how to come up with your style and format, how to interview guests, how to develop characters, and a story in a podcast, and much more! I am halfway through the book and I have learned so much.

Your Jump-Start Guide to Podcasting. A free PDF download that goes over the steps that you need to follow to launch a successful podcast.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel, I just started, but I will be producing videos on podcast editing and production.

Of course, please do not hesitate to reach out via email if you have any questions or if you need advice on how to edit or produce a podcast. I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for a new podcast episode or YouTube video.

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